Yasmin Mohammed

Yasmin Mohammed is a Writer/Producer for CMT. She uses her talents and creativity by producing a variety of shows for the network, the most current being "CMT All-Time Top 40: Artist’s Choice" and "#1 Music & a Movie."  Mohammed also produces additional content for the CMT Awards Show, red carpet events, cmt.com, stunt week promotions, and affiliate marketing campaigns as well as social media outlets like Twitter, Facebook, CMT App, and CMT mobile.


In her 11-year career with CMT, Yasmin has worked on the premiere of many franchises and docs including, "Controversy: Johnny Cash vs. Music Row," "True Grit: Ronald Regan," "100 Greatest Videos," "Waiting in the Wings: African Americans in Country Music," and even the spooky "Most Shocking: Ghosts!" Some of the most successful stunt weeks, social media, and marketing campaigns include "CMT’s Moment of True Love," Verizon’s "CMT Twitter Tracker," and "Luke Bryan’s Takeover Weekend."


Yasmin began her career as a receptionist at CMT in 2003, upon receiving her Bachelor of Arts in Electronic Media Communication from Middle Tennessee State University.  Transferring calls and her passion for telling stories eventually lead to a transfer into her successful role as a Writer/Producer. She currently resides in Nashville, TN, where she eats lots of biscuits, enjoys the company of her dog, Ricky Martin, and for fun does voice-over work including match.com spots, narration for "CMT All-Time Top 40: Artist’s Choice," and proudly  holds the record of being the first person’s voice to ever be used on a urinal cake for a concert promotion!