Effective January 1, 2007, WICT will be supporting mentoring through our local chapters' programs and encourage those who are interested in a national mentoring program to consider NAMIC's L. Patrick Mellon Mentoring Program.

We understand the important role mentors play in the advancement of women in the cable industry and encourage all of our members to participate in a mentoring program, whether it be through your local WICT chapter, your company, or another organization. We are lucky to have so many successful women in the industry with knowledge and business savvy to pass on to those of us working to advance. In 2003, Catalyst surveyed 705 women corporate officers who said that they have been denied the opportunity to rise to the top of their field because they lack mentors and are left out of informal social networking (www.catalystwomen.org).

As we enter the New Year, think about how others have helped you and your career and look for a way to give back to other women in the industry. Mentoring doesn't have to occur within a formal program but looking into possible programs and getting signed up is a great way to start the process.

Please visit our chapters to learn more about the mentoring programs in your area.


NAMIC's L. Patrick Mellon Mentorship Program

The L. Patrick Mellon Mentoring Program was initially established in 1993, and renamed in 1997 in honor of the late L. Patrick Mellon. The goal of the L. Patrick Mellon Mentorship Program is to facilitate diversity in the cable and telecommunications industry by making mentors available to NAMIC members to assist them with their career advancement strategies.

Committed, top-level industry professionals are recruited to serve as mentors to NAMIC members for a nine-month period. In these one-to-one sessions, mentors provide support, guidance and career advice on an "as-needed" basis. A time commitment of up to two hours per month is expected of mentors.

The mentoring process is viewed as a partnership, with both parties freely contributing to the discussion as equals working together, based upon mutual respect. Expectation or discussion of future or current career opportunities within the mentor or mentee's company are deemed inappropriate under the program guidelines and are prohibited during the formal mentorship cycle. All information discussed by the mentoring pairs should remain strictly confidential.

Participants in the L. Patrick Mellon Mentorship Program feel that it is one of the greatest benefits of association membership. They have directly attributed the program to: 

  • Expanding their vision
  • Seeing new possibilities 
  • Polishing their skills 
  • Providing greater exposure 
  • Broadening their networks 
  • Professional and personal achievement

Begin your L. Patrick Mellon Mentorship Program experience.