"Fugees Family"

This is a story about young people from tragic pasts who have found someone who cares,  someone ready to instill in them what they need to succeed... a woman they call... Coach Luma.

In the summer of 2004 Luma Mufleh drove through the small town of Clarkston, Georgia and her life was forever changed.  What she saw were young boys, of all ages,  playing the game of soccer with joy and love... it reminded her of her own childhood growing up in Jordan where the game of soccer was an important part of her life.  

She soon learned was that these boys were refugees from war torn countries from all over the world who shared many awful memories,  but they also shared a love for soccer.  From that day on Mufleh made it her mission to bring joy to the lives of these boys who had seen such atrocities. The team decided to call themselves "The Fugees",  short for refugees.  

Over the past three years Luma Mufleh has changed the lives of dozens of boys in Clarkston by giving them an outlet in life by playing soccer. She is more than just their coach,  she has become a surrogate mother who uses discipline and tough love to give them focus and a feeling of pride.