2011 WICT Signature Accolades:
A Tribute to Cable's Portrayal of Women



The Honorees

Documentary/Biographical Series or Special

Her Story: Ten Times Over

This story is about a young Nigerian-American, Mobi Akiode, who quit her "dream job" as a junior accountant at ESPN, in the middle of an economic recession and moved 5,000 miles to Lagos, Nigeria. Her goal: to use sports, particularly basketball camps, to inspire and empower impoverished young women. Akiode's journey is the subject of "Her Story: Ten Times Over."


Reality/Lifestyle Series or Special

The Style Network

"Ruby" takes viewers inside the life of Ruby Gettinger, a severely obese woman living in Savannah, GA, and follows her personal journey as she tries to lose weight, pursue a balanced lifestyle and inspire others to take steps towards a healthier and happier future. At her heaviest, Ruby weighed an astonishing 716 pounds and today she has successfully shed close to 400 pounds. After being told she'd have to lose weight or risk death, she decided to change her life and her health forever, with the whole world sharing in her challenging journey.

WE tv

"Downsized" portrays a common story faced by many American women today: how to lead a family through daily financial and emotional hardships. The reality show features Laura Bruce, a mother of seven, including two stepchildren from her second marriage. Now, as the matriarch of a large, formerly upper-class family, "Downsized" chronicles Laura's daily struggle to stay afloat as a result of the recession.


Scripted Drama or Comedy Series or Special

The Closer

“The Closer” debuted in 2005 and will soon begin production of its final extended season. The show stars Kyra Sedgewick, who plays LAPD Deputy Police Chief Brenda Johnson. Chief Johnson is faced with professional and personal resistance from her mostly male squad, as well from her male colleagues and boss. Her ability to close cases successfully won them over, helping forge a team that now works almost like a family.

In Plain Sight
USA Network

"In Plain Sight" centers around Mary Shannon, a Deputy United States Marshal for the Federal Witness Security Protection Program. Mary is constantly striving to balance her very dangerous job and her incredibly complicated personal life. Her unique job makes her unable to share this large part of her life to mostly everybody around her, including her family, friends, and significant others. However, her unyielding passion to protect her witnesses and be the best at her job, while struggling to maintain a semblance of personal life, defines a character who is multifaceted and realistic.