In 2018, our theme is "Embrace Your Voice". 


WICT Carolinas will:

  • Offer continuity, impact, and level-specific content for WICT members
  • Ensure topics are relevant, real-time and engaging via social media and other tools  

Upcoming WICT Carolinas Events: ​​ 


5/29/2018          Mentoring Applications Due

6/13/2018          WICT Talks - Cleo Wade 

                             Be Brave Enough to Care | TouchstoneInspire, Be a Catalyst

                              Location: In Person TBD / Online

7/9/2018             Mentoring- Session 1 Kickoff

                              TBDTouchstoneConnect, Be Fearless

                              Location: Web Session

7/17 /2018          Red Circle Awards - Register Now!

                              Recognition Luncheon | TouchstoneCommunicate

                              Location: Renaissance Charlotte South Park
                                                5501 Carnegie Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28209

7/17/2018           Executive Series - Session 2

                              Leading All Generations TouchstoneListen, Inspire

                              (Immediately follows Red Circle Awards)
                               Location: TBD

Aug. /2018          Mentoring - Session 2

                             Politics, Power, Influence and Executive Presence
                             Touchstone: Connect, Be a Catalyst

                              Location: TBD

8/6/2018             WICT Talks - Celeste Headlee

                             10 Ways to Have a Better Conversation 
                             Touchstone: Communicate, Listen

                              Location: In Person TBD / Online

Sept. /2018         Mentoring - Session 3

                              Being Strategic Part I TouchstoneConnect, Communicate

                              Location: Web Session

Oct. /2018           Mentoring - Session 3

                              Being Strategic Part II TouchstoneConnect, Communicate

                               Location: TBD

Oct. /2018           Executive Series - Session 3: Wrap Up

                             What's Next for this Intimate Network
                             Touchstone: Know Yourself, Be a Catalyst

                              Location: TBD

10/9/2018           WICT Talks - Luvvie Ajayi

                             Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable
                             TouchstoneKnow Yourself, Be a Catalyst

                              Location: In Person TBD / Online

Nov. /2018           Tech It Out

                              Touchstone: Inspire, Be Fearless

                               Location: TBD

Executive SeriesLeverage as series of intimate discussions and networking opportunities for executive leaders based on relevant topics.
Mentoring ProgramProvide WICT members formal mentoring. Format and topics under discussion.
Signature Event: Red Circle Awards Recognition luncheon, honoring outstanding members who made a positive impact in 2017.
Signature Event: Tech It Out Focus on education, trends, and involvement with technology. Format and topic under discussion.
WICT Talks Leverage in person and online sessions discuss current issues tied to WICT Touchstones. Topics are jump-started by short video presentations of subject matter experts on relevant topics.