My Strategy 

The August session of the WICT Carolina's Chapter Mentoring Circle Program focused on reviewing the mentee's career portfolios and identifying components needed to reach their destination. Weaving in elements from previous sessions, mentees started to create their career map and identify milestones and requirements for their success.


Mentoring Circles meet at designated locations and continue on the topic of "My Strategy" with webinar lectures provided by Ms. Bennett followed by group discussions and exercises within the Circle.   Next month the topic is "Influence & The Pivot." 


Check back here for monthly updates from the program.



It's Been My Experience

This monthly column provides perspective and insights from industry leaders regarding the upcoming month's mentoring topic. It is a great tool for mentees and mentors to utilize when preparing for their next circle discussion.


October, 2017

Julie M. Laulis - President and Chief Executive Officer
                                 Cable ONE


 September, 2017

Martha Soehren - Chief Talent Development Officer

August, 2017

Peter Overland - Vice President of On-Air Promotion

July, 2017

Michelle Ray - Deputy Executive Director                       
                          The Walter Kaitz Foundation




**2013, 2014 & 2015 Award Recipient for 1st Place
and 2016 2nd Place in Mentoring Excellence**

For the fourth year in a row, WICT Carolinas was recognized nationally

for achievements in substance and implementation of an impactful
WICT mentoring program

WICT Carolinas was honored to receive this award.​



For more information regarding the WICT Carolinas Mentoring Circles program, see the Mentoring Circles 2017 FAQ.pdf or email us at WICT.MentoringCircle@charter.com.