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Join us in support of our Inpsire, Be a Catalyst touchstone as we discuss:

If you want to change the world, you must be brave enought to care.  This WICT Talk session will inspire you to take what the world says to you and respond with action.  Cleo Wade gives us numerious ways to take actions that create real impact on the world around us.  

Bring your lunch, meet new people, and learn something new!

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WICT Talks are held several times a year and are FREE of charge to all members; non-members are invited to participate as well.  Each session combines short, powerful TED Talk videos with guided conversations around topics such as personal empowerment and growth, leadership, motivation, and other relevant subjects that correlate with the WICT Touchstones. 


The program is designed to provide a forum, through videos and discussions, for participants to not only engage, but to also pause and listen to the percolation of ideas and diverse perspectives of others – to the "Ideas Worth Spreading."


All participants are invited to bring brown bag lunches and a colleague. 

2018 WICT Talks Schedule

6/13/2018          Cleo Wade
                              Be Brave Enouch to Care | Touchstone: Inspire, Be a Catalyst
                                 Location: In Person TBD / Online

8/6/2018           Celeste Headlee
                             10 Ways to Have a Better Conversation | Touchstone: Communicate, Listen
                                Location: In Person TBD / Online

10/9/2018          Luvvie Ajayi
                              Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable
                                 Touchstone: Know Yourself, Be a Catalyst
                                 Location: In Person TBD / Online