Real (Rewarding Equality and Leadership) Men Join WICT


Will Martinez Past Membership Chair

Today's women are influential leaders as CEOs, political figures, fashionistas, athletes and of course, cable industry professionals. At its core, the WICT organization brings together those of us who believe in the strength and equality of women.  WICT celebrates strong leadership, provides the opportunity to advance in your career, and participate in a welcoming atmosphere with valuable resources.

I must admit, when I was new to the industry I was a little skeptical about joining solely based on the name. I thought, "Where can I join MICT - Men in Cable Telecommunications?"  Forget about googling it, there's no such thing!

At my first mixer, I was introduced to veterans in the industry (both men and women) that shared their stories and excitement about WICT.  I immediately felt part of the organization and made good relationships after attending a few events.  I have also learned so much more about the industry, its changes, and about myself as a professional through its resources (webinars, board participation, etc.).

If you know of any men in your company who are not a part of WICT, share this article. It's important to have equal representation in this organization and show our support for women to continue climbing the corporate ladder.

REAL (Rewarding Equality and Leadership) Men support the leadership of women and join WICT.



Shawn Duncan

Vice President, Field Service, Cox Communications





Scott Emmons

Western regional Sales Manager, KGPCo