Mentor Program

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The WICT Pacific Northwest Mentoring Program is designed to provide career and personal development opportunities.  This program’s intent is to support both mentees and mentors in achieving goals. Participation in the program is not an assurance of promotional opportunities. However, it provides an excellent framework for career development.

The program is designed with these goals in mind:
1. To provide the opportunity to develop a mentoring relationship that will inspire personal and professional success
2. To provide mentees the opportunity to gain broader perspectives about their field of choice, values, norms, expectations, and behaviors, and how gaining these perspectives can enhance their ability to make productive career decisions
3. To ide
ntify and provide qualified candidates for promotional, growth, and development opportunities
4. Increase morale and job satisfaction
5. Aid in retention and recruitment of employees

Congratulations to our 2018 Mentees & Mentors! 

The following members have been selected to participate in the 2018 Mentoring Program. We are excited they have chosen to participate and are taking this exciting step in their professional career.
Joseph Estrellas
Darene Gilliland
Karen Oxman
Alison Peterson
Megan Hughes
Heather Sybouts
Ashley Birk
Kendra Boland
Amanda Hedin
Sheila Whitlatch
Carrie Eugene
Jessica Hawk
Amanda Nelsen
Ryan Mutek
Dianna Torres-Angulo
Scott Edwards
Doug George
Jen Fischer
Rosemary Lewis
Cindy Riccardo
Andrea Costello
Whitney Joly
Caitlin Jeffery
Allison Garrett
John Snow
Jessie Broussard

If you have questions about the 2018 program, please contact one of our WICT Pacific Northwest Chapter Mentor Chairs, Pekio Vergotis at or Charlie Tribbey at


A special thanks to Turner Networks for their support of this program!