Hello Members of the Pacific Northwest Chapter of Women in Cable Telecommunications,


I hope that you all made it safely through our numerous snow storms and are settling back into a rhythm both at home and the office. I'm excited to say that we have a great team of women on the 2017 Board, both locally and nationally. We will be bringing relevant content to our members which will start with our Mentoring Events in March, the launch of our Mentoring Program in April, and the Cable 101 programming that you'll see in May.


As we move into March, which is Women's History Month, we will also have an opportunity reflect on the contributions of women to events in history and contemporary society.


A great example of historic contributors is Lilly Ledbetter, an equal pay activist. Lilly dreamed of being a manager at her local Goodyear tire factory. In 1998, after 19 year with the company, Ledbetter received an anonymous note from a coworker indicating that she was paid less than the men doing the same job. Ledbetter filed a sex discrimination case against her employer. After years in court, Ledbetter lost the ruling because she didn't file her discrimination case early enough. She has been advocating for women ever since, and, asking them to fight for their civil rights. Eleven years later, in 2009, the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act was signed into law. It loosens the time restrictions for filing discrimination cases. Ledbetter has still never received a settlement from Goodyear.


As a member of WICT, you are contributing to the fight for equality in the workplace today! Your membership supports the joint survey that WICT and NAMIC execute to measure the status of women employees in the cable industry. The survey looks at three important criteria; Pay Equity, Advancement Opportunity, Resources for Work/Life Integration. Their findings will be shared at the 2017 WICT Leadership Conference in New York City as part of Diversity Week. I encourage each of you to consider the impact that you can have in the industry, and get involved in your own way in the political fight, and advocate for PAR issues or other issues that help move women forward.


I look forward to seeing you at a WICT Pacific Northwest Chapter event soon!

Joni Pierce

President, WICT Pacific Northwest Chapter