WICT Heartland Chapter Luncheon

The windy, blustery weather in Omaha didn’t stop anyone from getting out of the office to hear Sabina Nawaz, global CEO coach and writer, speak at the WICT Heartland Chapter luncheon Thursday, March 24. Approximately 90 men and women from around the Omaha metro area, as well as many traveling from nearby states, were mesmerized by Sabina’s storytelling and leadership advice.


Sabina, who currently lives in Vancouver, began by recounting her trying upbringing in India and overcoming challenges not many can say they've encountered. Through these troubling experiences and after contemplating suicide at one point, so many voices were running through her head. But ultimately, the voice of a village friend, Jaleel, was the one she listened to. This was a voice of encouragement and inspiration. One that saved her live.


How can individuals apply Sabina’s story to their lives? Her advice is simple, and twofold: First, take a moment to allow someone in and listen. Second, believe that positive voice.


Sabina also relayed her experiences from working at Microsoft. It was a job she didn’t like and wasn’t suited to her strengths, but she eventually had the courage to find the right position for her. Since then, she thrived in different roles at Microsoft and eventually left to start her own business. Sabina challenged attendees to tap into their own courage because many people already have the skills, education and ability to succeed. They simply need to listen to the voice in their head.​