Lisa Vega


Cable Center & WICT Offer "Cable Boot Camp and Beyond"

Joint program is aimed at professionals new to the cable industry.

DENVER -- Calling all recruits!  The Cable Center and Women in Cable Telecommunications (WICT) announced today that they will present a two-day comprehensive instructional program for cable professionals, October 28-29, 2008 at The Cable Center in Denver, CO.  Cable Boot Camp & Beyond will p rovide a training ground for professionals who are new to the industry and need an introductory background on the cable business, those who are making a switch to a new discipline, or for those who may need a refresher on the industry.  

The Cable Boot Camp and Beyond program will help participants sharpen their knowledge of the cable business and learn new information and skills that will help guide their cable careers.  The program covers everything from how cable came about to what the current marketplace looks like, including who the players are and what key issues the cable industry faces today, and is designed for cable operators, programmers or vendors.

“Cable Boot Camp and Beyond is an ideal program for anyone who is new to the industry or just simply wants to quickly boost their knowledge,” said Jana Henthorn, The Cable Center’s senior vice president of programs and education.  “Together with WICT, we’re kicking off exciting relevant and wide-ranging curriculum that will be of great value to participants.”

Cable Boot Camp and Beyond will be taught by a variety of experts within the industry, including Dick Clark, an industry veteran, Bill Dorman of The Cable Center and Dr. Ron Rizzuto of the University of Denver and features the following topics:

  • Cable History – A broad overview of the cable landscape, including facts, figures, where and how it all began, what’s changed and where the industry is headed.
  • The Players: Operators and Programmers – A focus on cable's key players, including operators, programmers, vendors, analysts, advertisers and regulators.
  • The Business of Cable - An overview on business considerations, including recent financial data on the industry, as well as a look at the key factors that will continually shift the cable business.
  • The Technology behind Cable – A section covering how cable systems work, what new technologies are emerging and what new products are entering the marketplace, network components and advanced services such as video on demand, high-speed data and digital voice.
  • Competition in Cable – A background on how the industry players position themselves, how they view the competition and which efforts differentiate them from the rest.
  • Regulations and the Industry – A synopsis of major regulatory issues at the local, state and national levels, and how they affect the cable industry.
  • Cable Financial Essentials – An in-depth view of the financial side of the cable industry, including revenue, cash flow, key financial metrics and tools used by the industry, and the economics of cable investments.
  • Resources A review of the many helpful publications, associations and resources available to cable industry participants. 

“We are pleased to be working with The Cable Center to present Cable Boot Camp and Beyond,” said Laurie Root, WICT’s vice president of education and program development.  “It is an ideal program for those looking to advance their careers, or to simply learn more about the latest developments in the cable industry.”


Cost for the two-day program is $795.  Cable Boot Camp and Beyond is sponsored by Motorola and NBC Universal.