Testimonials from EDS Participants


"I have never experienced such a powerful seminar - it allowed me to reflect on my experiences as woman first and a leader second. I feel renewed and energized after completing this seminar - even my staff noticed my more positive outlook. I highly recommend it to other leaders in the industry."
     -Julie Harrison, Vice President - Human Resources, Comcast


"Attending EDS gave me exactly what I needed; a safe place to re-connect, re-new and re-focus on my professional and personal journey."
     -Colleen Dillaway, Marketing Manager, Bright House Networks


"WICT EDS was a wonderful opportunity to rejuvinate myself both personally and professionally. Through this seminar, I was able to learn more about my own unique talents and recognize other resources to developing new skills. I also learned the importance of taking time to determine what type of leader I want to be and what my 'intention' is for each day. In addition, I enjoyed the opportunity to get to know a group of dynamic women leaders from the cable industry who each had their stories to share. What a truly great experience!"
     -Kathy Hatala, Vice President - Sales & Marketing, Turner Broadcasting


"By reviewing my past and anticipating my future, EDS helped me identify what is crucial to success in the present!"
     -Gena Nason, Director - Marketing on Demand, NBC Universal Cable


"I must admit I was skeptical about taking time away from the office to attend the seminar. I was referred by a coworker, so I took the opportunity, but internally joked that it was a knitting circle. Wow, was I wrong. Every participant was impressively smart and savvy. I walked away from the seminar with more confidence and a clearer understanding of myself and the world of business around me."
     -Julie Gamble, Manager - Customer Communication, Time Warner Cable


"I think that one of the most important takeaways I have is the realization I had an opportunity to focus on, through reflection, sharing, and discussion that women are very powerful leaders because of life experiences. We are all very different (age, race, life choices etc...) yet very much the same. When we realize and share our potential, and our power with others (men and women) personal and professional recipients, colleagues, organizations and families benefit and flourish."
     -Mary Clarke, Director - Regional LEC Relations/Revenue Assurance, Cox Communications


"It was a great experience reconnecting with our own power and focusing on our own journeys. We often forget that we are in charge of our own path and that we have made great decisions and choices along the way to be where we are today. It was great reflecting on the choices and being proud to be a women leader in today’s society."
     -Sharon Jones, Service Center Manager, Comcast


"The WICT EDS program provided me an unprecedented opportunity to network both professionally and personally with a diverse group of female professionals within our industry.  Elaine Yarborough immediately creates an environment of trust, integrity and honesty that enables each participant to reach deep inside of herself to recognize and share her triumphs and challenges. Each woman comes away from the experience owning a better relationship with herself… strengthening the leader on the outside and the humanness that drives her, within."
    -Darlene Stapleton, Director of Operations Customer Care, Time Warner Cable


"Attending a WICT Executive Development Seminar with Elaine Yarbrough always renews my confidence in my inner self. The class reminds me of why I entered into this business and why I have survived the many challenges and changes that came with it.  Given our competitive business environment, Elaine gives us the tools to understand the balance of power and use it for management skills, negotiating, communicating, and problem solving. Elaine carries a fire and passion into the classroom that is contagious. I always leave her seminars wondering why every company doesn't offer a program such as this. I have sent every woman on my staff."
     -Janice Brandon, VP - Affiliate Ad Sales, Scripps Networks

"WICT's Executive Development Seminar gave me a chance to network with amazing and inspiring women in the industry, share open and honestly about our career and leadership challenges, and mentor each other to move beyond those challenges. This type of open and honest communication is not possible in another setting."
     -Kelli Krug, Account Manager, Organic People