Generational Fusion
Presented by Terri Nimmons of Stone Lake Leadership

September 29, 2009
12:00pm EST

Isn’t it time to stop talking about how different we are across generations and start leveraging this unique time in US history? Conditions are right for a Perfect Storm for our next wave of American ingenuity, innovation and growth. Our demographics, science and technology are creating unprecedented opportunity for a new wave of American ingenuity.

Through leveraging the Perfect Storm, you increase capacity through SOR – Speed of Relationship. We define SOR as how flexibly information, ideas and lessons learned move across an organization through relationships, networking and collaboration. Productive conversations and high levels of trust are outcomes of high SOR. Move from generational confusion to Generational Fusion as part of your personal and business strategy.  

Key concepts explored in this Generational Fusion webinar:

  • Generational differences are the greatest inclusion opportunity in our workplaces
  • Acceleration of Gen X and Millenials’ development, as required by our workforce demographics
  • Cross-generational dialogue to build trust
  • Effective  knowledge management between experienced workers and younger workers to save time and money and to increase capacity

This webinar will help you to articulate a compelling POV about leveraging inclusion across generations while providing you with examples and best practices from other companies and industries. Leaving this training, you will have ideas and strategies for:

  • Remaining relevant and valued across generations
  • Using technology to network, connect and collaborate across generations
  • Accelerate the development and contribution of X’ers, Y’s and Millenials
  • Managing Middlessence

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