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To view the 2016/2017 Path to PAR Report in PDF format, click the image below:

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To better understand WICT’s research approach and application of PAR Initiative research findings, WICT developed the Path to PAR Report.


The goal of the Path to PAR Report is to present the business case for gender diversity and to delve into the top practices as identified by diversity experts, while sharing actual examples from the 2015 PAR Best Companies for Women.



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Supported by WICT Chapters Nationwide

The PAR Initiative was created by WICT in 2003 with a mission to measure the status of women employees in the cable industry based on three criteria:

  • Pay Equity
  • Advancement Opportunities
  • Resources for Work/Life Support

The initiative is WICT’s advocacy program which helps cable operators, programmers and other industry-affiliated companies implement processes, track progress and adjust inequalities in the workplace.

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[highlight title=”2015″ image=”17667″ image_link=”” text=”%3Cp%3ETo%20read%20more%20on%20key%20findings%20in%20pay%20equity%2C%20advancement%2” /]

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[highlight title=”2008″ image=”17672″ text=”%3Cp%3EThe%202008%20PAR%20Initiative%20saw%20impressive%20gains%20in%20telecommuting%20and%20flexwork%2C%20both%20key%20benefits%20for%20attracting%20and%20retaining%20women.%20However%2C%20despite%20great%20strides%20made%20in%20implementing%20workforce%20pol” /]

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[highlight title=”2006″ image=”17674″ text=”%3Cp%3E2006%20research%20revealed%20three%20key%20trends%20dealing%20with%20Hispanic%20women%2C%20women%20in%20technol” /]

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[highlight title=”2003″ image=”17677″ text=”%3Cp%3EIn%20its%20inaugural%20year%2C%C2%A0the%20PAR%20Initiative%20reported%20under-representation%20of%20women%20in%20the%20cabl” /]

Every other year, The WICT Network conducts the PAR Initiative survey, which measures the status of women employees in the media, entertainment and technology industries based on three criteria:

  • Pay Equity
  • Advancement Opportunities
  • Resources for Work/Life Integration

In the non-survey year, data from the survey is used to create tools and resources, including the PAR at Work webinars, which help The WICT Network’s members, apply lessons from the PAR Initiative to their own companies and careers.

2018 PAR at Work Webinar Series

Sustainability and Impact in a Changing Industry 
Recorded December 13, 2018
View recording | Download the slide presentation

The WICT Network’s PAR survey tells us that retention is the key to increasing the pipeline of women in our industry. What does that mean for you as a team leader and an employee?

Sara King and LD Bennett from CCL explored strategies and methods you can use to ensure your job satisfaction stays high and your team members remain engaged.

Watch the recording of this webinar and learn to:

  • Sustain yourself in a shifting industry
  • Find meaning in your work
  • Make yourself more visible and relevant in the workplace
  • Navigate sponsorship/mentorship relationships


Sara King joined the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL®) in 1986 and many of The WICT Network’s members know her through the Betsy Magness program; she’s been part of the faculty since BMLI began almost 25 years ago.

Sara’s work has included research, writing, training, designing, client relationship management, and the management of both people and products. She is in a newly created role of Organizational Practice Partner with CCL that is designed to help clients develop organizational leadership systems that will improve organizational performance and align the leadership talent necessary for effective change.


L. Diane Bennett is Senior Faculty at the Center for Creative Leadership where she delivers an array of programs and she is also part of the Betsy Magness Faculty. Prior to joining CCL, she spent nearly three decades at all levels of government service, leading transportation, land use, leadership development and civic engagement campaigns. LD is in her 16th-yr as Principal of Maximize Consulting LLC, a minority, woman-owned business providing organizational effectiveness, leadership development and executive coaching services. For the last three years, she has been The WICT Network Mentoring Circles design and deliver consultant for The WICT Network: Carolinas, Southeast, Southwest, Greater Philadelphia, and now, Greater Pittsburgh.


Strategies to Retain Diverse Talent in the Workforce
Recorded August 7, 2018
View recording

There is a growing body of research that shows strengthening gender diversity fosters innovation and improves the bottom line. In order for our industry to remain competitive, women must have a seat at the table. The 2017 PAR Survey revealed that the key lever to increase representation of women is improved retention. In today’s globally competitive marketplace, organizations must continually fight to stop the talent drain and nurture the loyalty and performance of high-potential employees.  Join The WICT Network as two of Mercer’s top experts explore practical, hands-on strategies that can measurably move the needle forward on retention and help build a work environment in which women can thrive.



Gail Greenfield, PhD, is a Principal in Mercer’s Workforce Strategy & Analytics practice, specializing in diversity and inclusion analytics. Gail has more than 15 years of experience helping organizations improve the management of their human capital. Her insights on pay equity have been featured by leading publications and organizations such as the Washington Post and WorldatWork. She has served as the PAR Initiative project leader since 2013.


Haig Nalbantian is a Senior Partner at Mercer, and a well-known authority on Human Capital Measurement and Management. He is the author of Play Your Strengths: Managing Your Internal Labor Markets for Lasting Competitive Advantage, a guide on how to develop and motivate people to produce exceptional business results.



The WICT Network gratefully acknowledges the Walter Kaitz Foundation
 as the sponsor of the PAR at Work Webinar Series