Webinar: Rocket Your Potential

The global pandemic upended our previous models of work and forced us to consider new models of leadership, including our understanding of what it means to be a human-centered leader. Join Abigail Dunne-Moses and Cheryl Flink from the Center for Creative Leadership for deep reflections on the idea that today, human-centered leaders must leverage two polarities to foster thriving and sustainable organizational cultures, including Rest and Activity and Action and Intent.

The next generation of leaders are increasingly faced with the complex challenge of managing a multigenerational organization. For the first time, four generations are working side by side, each at different life stages, and each with different perspectives, expectations, and needs. In this session, Arika will give you actionable tools to overcome challenges and bridge generational gaps. In addition, you will gain techniques for leading a successful multigenerational organization and learn how to leverage generational differences for a stronger, more productive team.