Jennilee Carrera

“My teammate invited me to join her at Tech It Out and I was inspired to hear so many powerful women showing up, giving back and absolutely owning the room. I joined the mentorship program that year and was introduced to the power of lifting each other up, making room for growth, but most importantly finding myself with a voice at a table filled with amazing women.”

“I joined WICT in 1996. WICT has given me career growth, enabled by a strong educational foundation and continual support.”

“RLP was the best developmental program I’ve ever done. The program helps expand your influence, reconsider your leadership style among those around you and work more effectively with your peers.”

“I joined WICT in 2016. Being new to the industry, I was fortunate to find a sisterhood in my WICT network that values my contributions, inspires us to be bold and works tirelessly to advance inclusion.”