Welcome, Midco employee!

In demonstration of its support for your professional growth, Midco covers the expense of membership in The WICT Network.

Instructions on how to complete your membership application can be found here. Don’t hesitate to reach out to membership@wict.org with any questions on the application.

New members: Click here to begin the membership application. Once on the join/set password screen, please click the Set Password button to create your account. Remember to use your corporate email address when you set up your membership.

Renewing members: Log in using your corporate email address to begin your renewal.

PLEASE NOTE: We’ve recently updated our website. For security purposes, if you haven’t visited our site this year, you may be prompted to reset your password. If so, click the blue Set Password button (as shown in image below). Ensure you create your new password using the email address associated with your www.wict.org account. 

Your membership provides access to The WICT Network’s top-notch leadership development programs and robust peer network, as well as your local chapter events and offerings.