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Let The WICT Network Help You Shape Your Career Journey

With more than 40 years of success developing women leaders, The WICT Network is a global organization positioned at the center of the media landscape. We provide the most powerful B2B network in the industry and an unparalleled suite of educational programs, services and volunteer experiences to further your development as a leader.

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Below you can learn about the many benefits members of The WICT Network enjoy.

  • Align with a network of over 10,500 media and technology professionals.
  • Surround yourself with colleagues committed to leadership development.
  • Members share a common goal of advancing their careers and the industry at large.

  • The ​WICT Network’s local chapters offer a vital local connection for members throughout the U.S., the EU, U.K. and Latin America
  • Chapters also offer unique leadership opportunities through committees and chapter board roles.
  • Local resources and networks are never too far away.


  • The WICT Network’s suite of leadership development programs are the gold standard for the industry.
  • Educational opportunities are tailored to varying career levels and learning styles.
  • Create your own path according to where you are in your career journey.

  • The WICT Network’s advocacy program, the PAR Initiative, is dedicated to achieving stronger workplace diversity & inclusion.
  • PAR helps companies set goals, establish best practices, and measure progress.

  • Online Learning Library* –  The WICT Network’s robust online learning resource
  • Pulse Newsletter – The WICT Network Pulse provides news and leadership lessons straight to your inbox so you don’t miss a beat
  • @WICT Newsletter*– @WICT is exclusive to our members and condenses our most popular social media posts into an easy-to-read, one-stop newsletter
  • Webinars – Online learning without travel costs (Recordings of most webinars are made available to members only through our online learning library)

Plus, stay in touch and continue your learning online by connecting with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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Current Members: Upgrade or Extend Your Membership!

Are you currently an Entry-level member who would like to upgrade to Regular membership? Or perhaps you’ve recently been promoted and would like to move from a Regular membership to Executive? We can help! Simply complete our online form and we’ll be in touch to discuss your options.

Executive and Regular level members now have the option to renew their membership for two-year periods. This allows you to lock in the current membership rate and avoid the hassle of yearly renewal. To learn more, click here.


Contact The WICT Network member services at or 202-827-4794.