Heather Khan

Heather has been a Comcast employee since June of 2011, beginning as a Tech II working voice repair and Day of Install activation issues. She is currently a Senior Manager of the E911 Data Operations team within National Customer Operations (NCO).  As a manager, she leads a team of over 40 technicians, five analysts and three leaders.  Her team is dedicated to improving 911’s operational performances with the net effect of assuring the best customer experience and safety.


Heather began her career in telecommunications with TCG, where she worked as a billing agent, partnered with consultants to convert a billing system, and helped form a team to research and resolve 911 fallout for PRI customers. Heather moved to ICG as a billing supervisor and was promoted to manager over the COM (Central Order Management) team which interfaced with sales, billing and provisioning for some of the first VOIP customers.  In 2004, Heather left the corporate world to open a business with her husband.


While at Comcast, Heather has served as a student ambassador and a committee member for the Rocky Mountain W.I.C.T. Tech It Out event in Denver. She has participated as a mentor in the Comcast C8 and QC2 Success event for Comcast’s NCO and Engineering teams, also serving as a committee member for the last two years.


Heather graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s of Science in Management from Metropolitan State University and is a member of the Sigma Beta Delta Honor society in Business, Management and Administration.  She is a long-standing member of WICT.