Deborah Ferrell

Deborah Ferrell is Director of Consumer Sales & Operations for the GCI stores in the rural regions of Alaska, which are mostly accessible by planes or boats only.  She is responsible for sales engagement, customer experience, and daily operations of 15 retail stores. Deborah’s passion is coaching, developing, and mentoring her teams and finding creative solutions to improve our customer’s experience.

Deborah received a Bachelor of Education in Elementary Education and has spent over 24 years working for GCI.  Starting at Prime Cable as a supervisor in 1996, which was purchased by GCI that same year. Throughout her tenure at GCI, she has had the opportunity to work in the Call Center, Training Department, Retail Stores, and on major product launch projects.  She has been able to work in various communities, both urban and rural, throughout Alaska.

Deborah is a retired 14-time world champion drug-free Bench Press champion under the USAPL and IPF Powerlifting Federations.  Her highest bench press in a competition is 424 pounds.  Deborah’s passion for the sport of powerlifting has allowed her to travel all over the world to compete. She also conducted several speaking engagements to audiences range from elementary schools, junior to college campuses on the topics of setting and accomplishing goals.