Valerie Cardwell

Valerie Cardwell has a proven track record in the areas of project management and leading organizations in the implementation and delivery of new-to-market technology and services. Mrs. Cardwell worked for Verizon, where she led several organizations focused on the delivery and maintenance of voice, video and data services including the implementation of critical, life-saving networks in a unique and state-of-the art fashion.  Ms. Cardwell was the Vice President-External Affairs at Covad Communications Company, a startup company that was responsible for the accelerated deployment of broadband to homes and small businesses.  Mrs. Cardwell led a team that negotiated and implemented several operational processes that improved customer service, reduced the cycle time of the delivery of services and lowered overall costs. She also struck several key deals with Covad’s key supplier that avoided costly litigation, increased productivity and improved the business relationship among the companies.  Ms. Cardwell played a key role in passing legislation and policies in several states that ensured open competition remained viable in the telecommunications industry.  Currently, Mrs. Cardwell is an Executive Director in the Operations Compliance organization. In that role, she is responsible for identifying and addressing business issues impacting the deployment and maintenance of voice, video and internet services. Mrs. Cardwell is recognized for her Project Management and leadership skills and is often selected to lead high-impact initiatives.


In addition to her corporate experience, Mrs. Cardwell has worked in the consulting field.  Mrs. Cardwell worked with Fortune 500 companies and smaller firms in the areas of leadership and strategic planning.  She specializes in getting organizations to identify and address process and performance gaps and focuses on the alignment of vision and goals within organizations.  Mrs. Cardwell has a BS degree in Computer Science from Seton Hall University and an MBA in International Business from Rutgers University.  She also completed Executive Leadership training from some of the country’s top Leadership institutions, including Wharton, the Covey Leadership Institute and the Center for Creative Leadership.


Mrs. Cardwell resides in Washington, DC and is married to Thomas Cardwell. They are the proud parents of Gracie and Devin.  Mrs. Cardwell’s personal mission statement is to increase children’s exposure to life’s opportunities. She considers community involvement and serving others as part of her DNA.