2022 Chapter Leader of the Year Spotlight: Mandy Schultz

The WICT Network is proud to highlight our 2022 Chapter Leader of the Year, The WICT Network: Greater Texas’s Programming Chair, Mandy Schultz, Senior Manager, Human Resources, at Comcast. Mandy shared some of the strategies she has developed for driving engagement with members.

Read the Q&A below to learn more about the wisdom she’s learned leading her team to success:


How long have you been a member of your chapter?  

So long I do not remember, at least 5+ years. 

What inspired you to become a Chapter Leader? 

I really wanted the comfort of the network of women created by other leaders I had observed in the past. And to create a network; a group to call mine with the ability for me to learn from and be able to share my knowledge with.  A win-win for all! 

What are some lessons you have learned from being a leader?  

Oh gosh, from being a leader there are so many lessons learned and so many more to learn–do we ever stop learning? Really listening to the individual need while incorporating the needs of the group is so important.  It is a fine balance, but you can help so many more with good listening skills. 

Your chapter won “Most Improved Chapter” — what strategies helped your team improve and how did you incorporate those strategies into your own leadership? 

We really focused on connections both in person and virtual. We began by increasing our members’ involvement within the chapter and involving the right people in the right positions in which they excel and by keeping everyone engaged and informed.  I doubled down on my strategy of engagement within my own leadership team to be more engaged and engage with others more frequently.  You would be surprised how a little hello can turn into a full conversation and exchange of ideas.  These ideas spun off into better programming, more engagement for our members, and much more excitement.  When you have those going for you, you can be unstoppable! 

What do you think are the most important qualities of a successful leader? 

A leader that listens, a leader that follows through, and one that is encouraging despite what is going on around.  Share others’ success, and share how you succeeded, people are taking note and small things help others. 

As Chapter of the Year, what are some things that set your chapter apart? 

We had a full 360 in the past year. We set out with clear organization, strategy, engaged leaders, and a common goal.  When we all worked in harmony so much more greatness was able to be achieved. 




The WICT Network is grateful to each of our amazing chapter leaders and volunteers for all that you do. Your dedication and support are unmatched! Thank you for being a vital part of our network and for helping us move the needle forward for women worldwide.  Click here to find your local chapter and learn more about becoming involved with our organization.