Carole Salgado

Carole Salgado joined Comcast Cable in May 1996.  Over the course of her 17 year career with Comcast, Carole has progressed through multiple roles with increasing responsibility.  She started her career in the West Florida area as a Call Center Supervisor.  During her 7 years as a call center supervisor, she helped develop a team of 12-15 employees by providing weekly coaching, counseling and goal setting.  Carole was able to identify strengths and weaknesses, facilitated team building activities and utilized call observations to identify growth opportunities for her staff.


In 2003, Carole was promoted to Dispatch Manager and in 2007 transitioned to Manager of Installation and Service continuing to serve the West Florida area. Carole continues in this capacity today and is responsible for the day to day operations of 6 technical supervisors and approximately 80 technicians.  Carole helped build strategies surrounding day to day operations, increasing customer satisfaction and building s strong supervisory team through strong communication and coaching skills. Through her creativity and vision, Carole developed a frontline technical lead program which promoted succession planning and building bench strength in the organization. Carole attributes her success to her passion for innovation and people development and last year became the #1 performing Technical Manager in the Florida Region.  


Beyond the workplace, Carole enjoys spending time with her 2 grandchildren, traveling to the Caribbean islands and riding her motorcycle.