Danielle Mintz

As the Vice President of Distributor Marketing and Strategy for AMC Networks, Danielle Mintz oversees the company’s distributor focused marketing efforts for its national networks — AMC, IFC, Sundance Channel and WE tv — along with each of their advertising supported VOD products.  Additionally, she has grown distribution and revenue for three transactional VOD services: IFC Midnight,  Sundance Selects and IFC In Theaters, a pioneering Day and Date VOD product that broke new ground for creative theatrical film windowing.

Danielle and her team work with each brand to create a strong value proposition for distributors through customized partnerships and marketing solutions. Danielle has played a pivotal role in the affiliate marketing strategies that have supported original programming powerhouse AMC with series like Mad Men, Breaking Bad, The Killing, and The Walking Dead.  Previously, Danielle helped create and execute affiliate campaigns for well known franchises such as AMC’s Fearfest and WE tv’s Bridezillas. 

Throughout her tenure at AMC Networks, Danielle has been a key architect in developing the company’s efforts to launch multiplatform content including on demand and authenticated services.  She has helped oversee the successful launches of AMC’s and WE tv’s on demand offerings, helping grow each service to their current distribution of over 33 million homes.  To support TV Everywhere efforts, Danielle has guided the technical and strategic efforts to test AMC Networks’ content on an authenticated platform with several affiliate partners.

Danielle has 15 years of affiliate marketing experience at fully distributed national cable networks. Over 13 years of her experience has included various positions at AMC Networks within the affiliate marketing group.  Danielle holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications and Media from State University of New York, New Paltz.  She currently lives in Charlotte, NC with her husband and two children.