Darlene Stapleton

Darlene Stapleton has worked in the cable industry for 14 years in a variety of disciplines including procurement, finance and accounting, technical operations, business operations, group operations, and customer care. She has managed over 100 people in technical, customer care, human resources and business and financial operations at local cable operations, as well as division headquarters staff. She is currently responsible for the research, development and implementation of Customer Care operations technologies, applications and business strategies for Time Warner Cable’s National Division. Darlene served on the Board of Directors for the Michigan Chapter of WICT in 2001-2002, has participated in Chapter Leadership seminars as well as the Executive Development Seminar and Executive Management Symposium in Colorado. Darlene is also a member of CTAM and the SCTE, participating in seminars and events both at the local and national levels. Her interests include science, astronomy, music, dancing and white-water rafting. She has volunteered her time to both Adult Literacy programs and the children’s group of a battered women’s shelter. A native of Pennsylvania, Darlene now works and lives in Colorado with her three cats and fiancée, Patrick.