Deepali Bagati

​Deepali Bagati, PhD, is the Executive Director for Catalyst’s United States region. She is responsible for leading and strengthening Catalyst’s offerings and solutions for the U.S. supporter companies. Deepalicontinues to serve as a resource on diversity and inclusion, and frequently speaks on topics such as women in leadership, organizational change, inclusive leadership, and global diversity and inclusion.


Previously, Deepali was a Vice President of the Catalyst Inclusive Leadership Initiative, and led curriculum development to transform diversity research, expertise, and advocacy into skill-building leadership programs for emerging leaders. She recently launched Catalyst’s introductory course on Inclusive Leadership Training on the edX platform. Deepali also led the growth and expansion of Catalyst India, and managed the Catalyst India Advisory Board and developed knowledge products on women in business. Most ecently, Deepali authored Leadership Gap in India Inc.: Myths and Realities and the 2010 India Benchmarking Report.


In her prior role at Catalyst, as a Director of Research, Deepali led research on workplace challenges for women of color and developed solutions for building more effective and inclusive workplaces. Deepali co-led the Women of Color in Professional Services series, led the Women of Color Issue Specialty Team, and authored several reports. As a member of the Catalyst Award Evaluation Committee, Deepali was a strategic adviser for the evaluation of global initiatives, and as a member of Catalyst’s Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Council, she was an internal advisor on diversity and inclusion for Catalyst staff.


She received her PhD in Social Work and Social Research from Bryn Mawr College, with her dissertation focusing on the impact of microcredit loans on gender relations at the household level for low-income women in New Delhi. Deepali earned a MA in Social Work and a BA in Economics, with honors, from Delhi University, New Delhi, India.