Earlieen Bethel

Earlieen Bethel is a Director of Human Resources, supporting Central Division Engineering teams for Comcast Cable. She previously was an Employee Relations/ Engagement Manager. Earlieen has over 20 years of human resource management experience.  She has expertise in all facets of Human Resource Management. Her reach extends to Fortune 500 corporations, non-profit organizations, and the federal government.

Earlieen is a trained General/Civil Mediator, and a certified federal EEO Investigator. She has a Juris Doctorate, Master of Science degree in Employment Law, holds a Bachelors in Communications, and an Associate of Science degree in Public Relations.

She is well versed on the changing landscape of the employment arena, and has the expertise to leverage workforce lifecycle processes. In her previous experiences, she assisted clients in the areas of strategic alignment and planning, labor relations, including contract negotiations, executive coaching, preventative employee relations, training and development, and generalist human resources issues.

Earlieen continues to be active in many trade organizations, and has served as Diversity & Inclusion Co-Chair of SHRM-Atlanta. She understands the importance of continually building the skills and knowledge required to be effective in a changing world of work. Her passion is building and maintaining employment relationships, strategic alignment, and human capital.