Emily Hoffman

In the timeless words of Truvy from Steel Magnolias, "Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion." Emily Hoffman’s facilitation style captures a unique blend of humor, inspiration, and intellect that engages, challenges, and motivates audiences to change.


Clients praise Emily for her nuanced mix of vitality and credibility. A natural entertainer, Emily holds audiences’ attention from beginning to end. But, it is her depth of experience, academic background, and rigorous intellectual reasoning that provides the solid foundation for her message.


As the Vice President of Product Development and Client Delivery at VitalSmarts, Emily leads all of our product teams, works with clients to customize VitalSmarts products for their organizations, and sets the standard for all VitalSmarts facilitators. Working closely with the New York Times bestselling VitalSmarts authors and other thought leaders, Emily brings the best of social science research to organizations in meaningful and actionable ways.


In her free time she likes to: cook, bake, eat, read fiction, re-tile bathroom floors, and hike in the Utah mountains.