Emily Rautenberg

Emily has always had a passion for combining the arts and sciences. After graduating from Stevens Institute of Technology in 2015 with her Bachelor’s and Master’s of Science in Computer Science, as well as a Bachelor’s of Arts in Visual Arts and Technology, she joined Comcast NBCUniversal. In 2017, Emily began working as a UX Engineer on the Experience Design Engineering team, a group which seeks to bridge the gap between design and development and specializes in building JavaScript web applications. On this team, Emily has worked with designers to build and user test prototypes and has worked side-by-side with production engineering teams to help deliver products to customers.

At the end of 2020, Emily became a manager on the XDE team. She and her team help to standardize design and architecture across Comcast’s entertainment products. They maintain multiple shared component libraries, both inner and open sourced, to facilitate product and design consistency, as well as save engineers valuable development time.

Emily also has a passion for animation, is a Captain in the Air Force Reserve, loves to bake, and is an amateur aerial circus artist. One day, she might just run away and join the circus.