Emily Schaible

Emily Schaible is a Director of Audience at ESPN, where she leads several Digital groups who improve the quality of ESPN’s journalism and deepen its connection with the audience.

Currently, Emily oversees ESPN’s digital copy desk, responsible for maintaining quality for our fan-facing written editorial, as well as the creation of ESPN’s topic-specific style guides on sensitive subjects such as mental health, disability and race language. In addition, Emily oversees the curation of ESPN.com’s homefeed – as well as interior pages and navigation — and is responsible for delivering content insights to ESPN’s TV, ESPN+ and digital partners. She is also in charge of ESPN’s editorial SEO strategy.

Emily was hired at ESPN in 2008 as part of its inaugural blog editing team, a group that oversaw the copy editing and enhancement for its NFL Nation and CFB reporters. Emily then transitioned to the “Live” team, responsible for a real-time, live updating news product on ESPN.com and the ESPN App.

Originally from Rhode Island, Emily graduated from Northeastern University with a BA in Journalism and spent over three years interning in the Boston Globe’s sports section. She lives in West Hartford, CT with her husband and three children.