Ericka Harrell

Ericka Harrell is the Manager of Traffic for Comcast Spotlight in Denver.  In her current role, she oversees advertising operations for all Northwest Region markets including Seattle, Spokane, Portland and Eugene. 


As a 16-year veteran of Comcast, she has had a multitude of varying roles and responsibilities.  Early in her career, she was responsible for managing operations in Comcast’s network origination facility, Comcast Media Center.  She would eventually lead the development effort and launch of the Comcast’s Advertising Distribution Network (ADN) that would be utilized by major cable network groups to centrally distribute commercials and promotional content to MSOs.  In 2010, she would additionally oversee advertising operations for Comcast’s Ad Delivery product, which allowed advertising agencies and production houses to distribute commercials to MSOs, broadcast stations and cable networks.


Ericka received her Bachelor’s degree in Journalism, with a minor in History, and a Master’s degree in Communications Management from Colorado State University.  In her spare time, she travels the globe with her family, with a passion for immersing herself into the local culture and cuisine.  In the fall, she can be found rooting for her beloved Denver Broncos.   Ericka resides in Parker, Co., with her husband and two sons who are her greatest joy.