Ingrid A. Harris

​Ingrid is a proud mom of two amazing daughters who enjoy taking exotic vacations, where they learn about and share new perspectives with the people they meet. She also enjoys attending networking opportunities and coordinating social events.

Considering she has never been associated with the military, her interest in experiencing new things has resulted in several moves and relocations, and likewise has proven to be influential to her professional advancement. 

She was born and raised on the island of Antigua, West Indies.  As a teenager her family moved to Tacoma Wa; and graduated from Western Washington University (Bellingham, WA) – Go Vikings! After graduation, she moved to New York City to be married; shortly after to Atlanta. There she remained until 6 years ago when she moved to Denver to join (the former) West Division of Comcast Spotlight.

The local FOX affiliate in Atlanta (WAGA) was her first introduction to the world of Advertising Sales. As a Local Sales Assistant, she learned the philosophy of Broadcast Ad Sales and their less than admirable perspective of their Cable competition. 

That foundation has been instrumental to her professional success over the past 12 years at Spotlight.  From her initial roles of National Account and Traffic Coordinator, to Finance Billing and ultimately Business Operations leadership, the Broadcast Ad Sales foundation has been a beneficial compliment to aid her understanding and support of the collaboration between the roles of Sales and Operations for the success of Comcast business. 

Likewise, through leadership development programs like WICT’s Mentorship Program, she has learned the significance of networking, securing a professional mentor and supporting her fellow leaders in their journey.  These continue to be areas of focus in her development as she seek ways to pay it forward from the benefits she has received. 


Looking ahead to the opportunities that lie ahead through her WICT Rising Leader’s experience, she’s honored to be selected.  She is excited for the contribution to advance her team and her growth as a leader while enhancing ways to support the WICT culture.