Jamie Shapiro

Executive coach, nutritionist, speaker, teacher and consultant Jamie Shapiro, CEO of ConnectedEC, is a leading authority on connecting wellness with leadership performance.  Having experienced executive burnout, she understands the incredible pressure executives face in their life and the difficulty in staying connected to professional and personal goals in demanding environments.  She works with top-level leaders throughout the country to transform their health in connection with their leadership.


Jamie has been coaching and developing high performing teams since 1998 in executive roles within large-scale corporate companies.  After obtaining an MBA and a Masters in Information Technology, she went to work for large corporations like IBM and CGI.  Her accomplishments as an IT executive include serving as the Vice President of Professional Services where she managed multiple senior project managers and a portfolio of 200 clients. Jamie also spent several years as the Director of Consulting for a global multi-billion dollar IT company where she was responsible for programs and projects with over $25 million in revenue.  As an IT executive, Jamie saw the impact that focusing too much on the business and not enough on self leadership had on her own performance.  Jamie, through her corporate career, realized the toll that high pressure, stressful and demanding roles can take.  She left the corporate world with a mission to make changes for leaders and organizations.   Jamie went back to school and became certified as both an executive coach and a nutritionist.  Her vision was to bring a new form of holistic coaching to top-level leaders. Jamie’s company, ConnectedEC, helps people develop a keen awareness of how both their health and mindset have an effect on their capacity to reliably tap into their leadership capabilities.  Jamie has put the worlds of executive coaching and wellness together to give people a new approach to leadership, health and outstanding personal, professional and organizational performance.