Judith Feder

Judith has been working full time since graduating law school in 1978 other than from 1992-2001 when she focused exclusively on caring for her twins, Katie and Robbie, who were born three months early.  She is a member of the bars of NY and NJ, and has a 24, 7, and 63 qualification as she has founded, grown and sold her own fully licensed securities firm.

In her thirties, she was head of the real estate asset management group at Merrill Lynch Hubbard, with 20 people reporting to her and retained and managed outside counsel, brokers, insurance providers, construction companies and management companies.  The portfolio of buildings that she was responsible for was in excess of $1 billion.

After heading investor relations at a real estate syndication firm, Sybedon, she formed her own broker-dealer, Harvest Capital Corporation, raised capital for clients and managed her own NASD audits before working with a securities lawyer at Skadden Aarps to sell the broker dealer clean with no citations, prompted solely by the pre-mature birth of the twins (she previously had daughter, Julianne, who is three years older than the twins).

After re-entering the work force 12 years ago, she raised capital and formalized processes at Spencer Trask, a venture capital firm.  And, over the past few years, she created the Private Share Trading division of Dupasquier, a French affiliated broker dealer with a trading arm.  She drafted her own documentation and managed counsel in order to effectuate transactions and was one of the largest traders of Facebook and Twitter shares pre-IPO and quoted in the Wall St. Journal.  She has also been retained by several hedge funds and private asset management funds to help them increase their assets under management.

She was on the board of the National Association for Teaching Entrepreneurship in New York, Tri-State Ventures, an angel venture group, a board member and past president of The Strategic Forum and has spoken at conferences on crowd funding and private share trading.  She was the lead chapter in Emma Keller’s (wife of Bill Keller former Editor-in-Chief of the NY Times) book The Comeback which profiles the difficulties that businesswomen have in re-entering the work force after taking time off to raise children.  She enjoys tennis and was her club champion for 11 years but is really passionate (much to her husband’s chagrin) about "yard saleing" with her sister on weekends. Her twins are both seniors at Williams College in Massachusetts and Julianne, her older daughter; also a graduate of Williams College is a food writer and is attending The French Culinary Institute in New York City. She has been married to Warren Feder, an investment banker at Carl Marks, for 29 Years.