Julia Neilson

Julia Neilson is manager of Media Assets at ESPN.  The Media Assets team is responsible for the collection and archiving practices for all Network and Production media assets.  The team oversees a collection exceeding 1.8 million assets, managing the delivery of all network program recordings to the operations team ensuring the integrity of ESPN’s Programming schedule as well as the fulfillment of more than 4,500 videotape transactions daily.  Additionally, Julia manages the purchasing budget for all transportable media required to support the Programming and Production initiatives at ESPN.

Julia has been with ESPN for nearly 7 years.  Previously, she worked as a supervisor and media librarian.  Prior to ESPN, she was a substitute teacher as well as a soccer, basketball, and softball coach at Loomis Chaffee in Windsor, CT.

Julia received her Bachelor’s in Physical Education from Eastern Connecticut State University where she played soccer and softball.  She continues to participate in competitive sports, playing on an indoor/outdoor soccer team and a slow pitch softball team.