Kaitlyn Gorman

Kaitlyn Gorman is a Manager at Effectv, a Comcast Company. Her professional journey began right out of college working in the traffic department, where she discovered a passion for being a part of the process that creates opportunities for businesses both large and small. After traffic, Kaitlyn moved to a role in Account Management where she gained invaluable first-hand experience with sales and their daily interactions both within and outside the company. Leveraging that experience, Kaitlyn decided to change the course of her career and accepted a role under finance being a region inventory strategy manager for the New England region.

Since 2017, Kaitlyn has evolved within Finance and currently is the Manager for Sales Insights and Opportunity in the Northeast where she partners with leadership to support business and operating plans.  She leads her team to identify strategic opportunities that will impact the business and works with different groups to implement and drive change.

Kaitlyn received her B.A. from the University of Massachusetts, Boston. When not at work, you can find Kaitlyn with her husband and two children enjoying the outdoors with friends and family or reading a good book.