Kathleen McCaffrey

After graduating NYU in 2004, Kathleen earned a position in the mailroom at United Talent Agency; from there, she went on to work as an assistant for various agents in the Television Literary Department. In 2008, Kathleen was elevated to Coordinator – the only woman in that year’s class to be promoted. Her time at UTA was a crash course for learning the in’s and out’s of deal-making, networking, talent/client relations and teamwork. She was hired as a Coordinator by HBO in 2008, beginning her (now 13-year) career as a Creative Executive in the Original Series Department. During her tenure, she has worked in both the half-hour and hour departments, and both on development and current series. Kathleen now holds a Senior Vice President title. As a young executive, she met Lena Dunham in a general meeting and, from there, shepherded the development and production of all seasons of GIRLS, which was nominated for 5 Emmys in its first season and went on to win Golden Globes for both Best Comedy Series and Lead Actress in 2013. Kathleen cut her teeth working on paragon HBO series including THE DEUCE, TREME, TRUE BLOOD, BOARDWALK EMPIRE, BIG LOVE, LUCK, HUNG, CAMPING, BORED TO DEATH and, most recently, ran point on a string of notable series including I KNOW THIS MUCH IS TRUE, PERRY MASON, LOVECRAFT COUNTRY, THE UNDOING, INDUSTRY, WE ARE WHO WE ARE — all of which premiered during the pandemic — as well as EUPHORIA, MY BRILLIANT FRIEND, and GENTLEMAN JACK. Upcoming series under Kathleen’s supervision include the reboot of IN TREATMENT and THE NEVERS, which will premiere in 2021.