Kelly Sullivan

Kelly Sullivan was raised in Barnesville, Georgia. Upon graduating from high school Kelly accepted a four year athletic and academic scholarship to the Virginia Military Institute (VMI).  She entered VMI in August 1997 as part of the Institutes first co-education class.  Kelly was the school’s first female to graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering, and minor in Mathematics. 

During her time at the Institute, Kelly was instrumental in the assimilation of women both in and out of the classroom.  She was a key member of several committees and was selected to act as a student representative in press conferences with National and International television stations and newspapers. Kelly remains actively involved with the continuing assimilation process. She volunteers her time to participate on several committees but, most importantly, as an Executive Board Member for the school’s athletic board responsible for making key financial and strategic planning decisions.

Kelly’s first professional position after graduation was as an Engineer for the Potomac Electric Power Company (Pepco).  She was fast tracked to the position of Project Manager where she successfully completed the company’s largest electric transmission project in 25 years. Her work with Pepco was featured on the front page the Business section of the Washington Post for her dedication and management of that project. After successful completion of the project, Kelly accepted a job with Time Warner Cable.  Her first position with the company was as a Deployment Project Manager in Time Warner’s Voiceover Internet Protocol (VoIP) group. She then transitioned into the Service Delivery group where she worked as an Integration Manager for a year. During this time she was responsible for ensuring the Global Network Operations Center (GNOC) was operationally ready for new or enhancements to products, tools, applications, or technologies prior to network introduction. Kelly recently accepted the position of Manager for the newly formed Integration Services group. She now manages the team responsible for Global Network Operations Center (GNOC) production support preparation.

Kelly is actively engaged with WICT as a member of the TWC-Herndon Planning Team. In 2009, she expanded her participation in WICT events by attending the Executive Development Seminar (EDS), 2009 Leadership Conference, Stay Essential and Become the CEO of Your Career and the TWC WICT Membership Drive where she was asked to speak about her EDS experience.