Kristin George

Kristin George, born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, started her work as an engineer at age six, when she took up the hobby of taking apart and rewiring telephones. From there Kristin went to Cornell University, getting her masters in engineering. Kristin describes her two passions simply: "building things and art," and together these have led her to bring success to companies including Imeem, BillShrink, and now TuneIn. Kristin created the Imeem app, which was one of the first ten Android apps to launch with that operating system, and was also the winner of a 2008 Crunchie Award. Kristin won Best of Show at Finovate in 2010 for her design of a statement rewards system while at BillShrink.

Today, Kristin is VP of Product at TuneIn, and has helped the company grow from five employees to 90. TuneIn, now the number one source for live, online radio is available across over 200 connected devices across 230 countries/territories. The TuneIn Radio app is ranked in the top five of the App Store’s Music category across 82 countries and territories, and is one of the world’s most downloaded apps.

Kristin created a product that allowed the entire, global radio industry to move online. By creating an online and mobile product that works all over the world, people from anywhere can now engage with the music they love while also discovering new stations, bands, songs, and even genres.

Over the past 12 months, Kristin redesigned the TuneIn Radio app, introducing TuneIn Live.  By molding the worlds of radio and Internet she has created one of the most powerful ways to discover music being played live. Kristin also introduced meaningful changes to help people favorite, share, and purchase the best content they hear – helping to combat the decline in music sales.