Laurel Graham

ShihFang Laurel Graham is Sr. Product Manager at Comcast Technology Solutions. She has 15+ years of experience in the media and software industry with exceptional understanding of business strategies with domestic and international partners. She’s very knowledgeable in broadcasting, cable operations, OTT, digital and various software serving media industry for both content and advertising.

Laurel was born and raised in Taiwan. She obtained her dual Bachelor of Arts degrees in Journalism & Ethnology from National Chengchi University and then moved to United States to pursue further education. She graduated from University of Denver in 2004 with joint master’s degree in Public Relations and Advertising Management.

Prior to becoming Sr. Product Manager, Laurel held positions of Programming Coordinator at AZN Television, VOD Content Manager at IMD, Implementation Specialist at WideOrbit and Sr. Operation Manager at Comcast Technology solutions. Her experience at WideOrbit inspired her moving into product management.

Being bilingual, growing up in Asia and now living in the US has broadened Laurel’s perspectives. On top of it, Laurel’s a firm believer of “She that travels far knows much” and she has enjoyed traveling since she was a youngster. She also enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking and snowboarding. Laurel and her husband, Lance are raising their son Liam in Denver, Colorado.