Lesley Skimins

Lesley Skimins started her career with Comcast in 2001 as a front line agent.  Lesley quickly found her passion and started to work towards enhancing the overall front line agent experience.  Lesley’s rise through Care began with her promotion to managing the desktop knowledge base and billing system for the Michigan Region.  During this time, the Corporate Customer Operations team relied on Lesley’s expertise to enhance the overall agent experience at the Divisional and National levels. 


As a result of the collaborative work with the Corporate Operations teams, Lesley joined the Strategic Process Engineering and Delivery Effectiveness team at the Comcast headquarters in Philadelphia.  Her frontline expertise was critical to a successful implementation of an enhanced billing system impacting 40% of the front line agents.  From there, she continued her passion for a consistent agent experience by launching standard offer configurations for the Verizon Wireless partnership.   


In 2011, Lesley joined Comcast University as a Program Manager for the Care College.  In this role, Lesley designs and develops curriculum to support the learning needs of Comcast’s customer service representatives.  This includes high impact programs supporting the Customer Operation’s teams, product deployments and Onboarding initiatives. 


Lesley currently resides in Philadelphia, PA and enjoys travel in her spare time.