Loren Slocum

Loren Schandler Slocum is a distinguished international personal development seminar leader, speaker, coach, author, wife and mother. During her tenure as Staff Director for renowned peak performance coach and author Anthony Robbins, Loren has traveled for the past 19 years leading and supervising a staff of 250 people in cities all around the world for events ranging from 1,000 to 19,000 individuals. Conducted in Fiji, Puerto Rico and Europe, she and her husband, Shore Slocum have facilitated over “eighty, 6-day” comprehensive Life Mastery Programs for Anthony Robbins, which emphasizes the power of living in balance, physical transformation and emotional fitness. In addition, Loren and Shore also teach relationship and team building seminars on demand.

Founder, CEO and President of Lobella International, an organization inspired to help women “stay true to who there are,” Loren is committed to helping women realize their natural gifts. Her muse for Lobella developed by helping tens of thousands of people transform their lives into empowering examples of leadership and humanitarian contribution. A typical Lobella event usually includes pampering a woman’s inner beauty as well as her outer beauty. A nurturing spa atmosphere in a plush environment allows participants to embrace their feminine from the inside out. She is also the author of No Greater Love: Being An Extraordinary Mom (October, 1999; St. Martin’s Press).

Recognizing the importance of helping to nurture the part in women that often times gets missed during their busy lives, Lobella has become a leading organization that women can depend on. Loren has taken her passion for living a fulfilling life and continually infuses those values into the cornerstones of Lobella. It is evident in the speakers she chooses to lead Lobella events as well as in the way she helps people discover their unique gifts.

A bundle of energy with an enormous heart, Loren exudes the essence of enjoying being alive and truly getting all there is out of life. A thriving, successful and dedicated mother, and entrepreneur, Loren stands as a model of possibility for women every where. She is an example of what it means to have it all, do it all, and love it all by living her truth. "There is absolutely no reason that a woman can’t have it all — it’s just a matter of staying true to who you are and consciously and creatively using the gifts and resources that are all around you,” states Loren to women world-wide.

She conducts seminars all over the world, including regular stints in Australia and Europe and continues to be a keynote speaker at events such as The Amazing Woman’s Day; Mother’s and More; Creative Memories and the list goes on. She is the Creator of Reclaim Your Passion Events and Founder of The Millennium Mom Events. She has been featured in over 30 business magazines for several articles she wrote about Leadership and many national media outlets including Woman’s World, First For Women, Working Mother, Martha Stewart Baby, Parenting, Becoming Family and much more.

At an early age, Loren exemplified the traits of being a leader in the women’s movement. She was the first girl in Western North Carolina to receive an Army ROTC Scholarship. She graduated from University of Georgia, with a BA in Journalism. She is a Certified Nutritional Therapist. Loren lives with her husband, Shore and their three children, Josua, Quinn and Asher in Portland, Oregon. In her spare time, she mentors disadvantaged kids. She is also active with Raising Malawi and for local non profits in Nevada.

No Greater Love, Being an Extraordinary Mom (October. 1999, St Martins press) Rereleased as The Greatest love,  January 2008 and Life Tune Ups (Globe Pequot Press) due out in Spring 2009.