Margaret McLean Walsh

Margaret McLean Walsh is an executive coach and consultant who partners with leaders and organizations to challenge themselves to dream big, dig deep, and dive in. She encourages clients to expand their self-awareness and develop a growth mindset as they hone their leadership talents. Using a positive psychology approach, she helps clients to identify what’s already working, as well as find ways to do more of it!

Partnering with leaders to effect major change is one of her specialties – she’s led the people side of mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs and partnerships, supporting organization communication and coaching leaders as they move through the transition phases.

Margaret embraces ambiguity as an opportunity to discover what’s possible. She primes her clients to imagine new possibilities and stretch themselves. Her quick wit and sense of fun helps to lighten the mood and keep things in perspective. Clients value how her direct approach gets them focused quickly on what’s important, broadens perspectives, and inspires them to action.

A continuous learner, she is committed to challenging her perspectives and finding new ways. Margaret is on the Columbia University’s Executive Coaching Certification Program team, where she facilitates a program for seasoned professionals seeking ways to include executive coaching in their professional offerings. Continually focusing on her craft is a benefit.

Prior to her executive coaching career, Margaret held roles in financial services including 14 years as a Chief HR Officer.  She engaged the talent needed to grow the business, partnered with executives and teams through transitions, and encouraged a continuous learning culture. She was valued for inspiring a sense of purpose, possibility and organizational pride. With an eye for the positive, she guided leaders through major change as they engaged the hearts and minds of their followers.  Her corporate leadership experience includes DTCC, Omgeo LLC, JPMorganChase, FRBNY, and Markit N.A.

Margaret’s clients range from entrepreneurial start-ups to global institutions such as GAF, JPMorgan, XenoPsi, ADP, Coca-Cola, BCG, Ross Stores, GroupM, Markit N.A., McCann, IPG, Thornton Tomasetti Inc., Xerox and 1010data.

She qualified as an Executive Coach at the highest level at Columbia University, where she is currently a program facilitator. Credentials include International Coaching Federation Professional Coach, Career Coach, EQ-i 2.0 Emotional Intelligence, Team EQ, EQ360, The Birkman Method®, The Hogan, Hogan 360, Team Diagnostic Survey, and NBI® thinking preferences suite.

Margaret’s education includes MA and BS degrees from Iona College, CUNY Brooklyn College; and completed MBA coursework and professional certifications at NYU.  She’s an Oxford Brookes University certified Coaching Supervisor, serves on Columbia Coaching Learning Association’s Board and is past president of International Coaching Federation NYC Board.