Marguerite Kabore

Marguerite Kabore is a manager of Software Development and Engineering for the SmartConnect Messaging and Communications Team at Comcast. Her journey at Comcast NBCUniversal began in 2014 where she joined as an Engineer in the Career Opportunities and Rotational Experiences (CORE) Technology Program, a two-year rotational program .A few years post launching from the CORE Tech Program she transitioned from Engineering to a role as a Technical People Leader/Manager. In her current role Maggie works with her team to deliver notifications to customers for service and appointment management as well as marketing and storm communications to help improve the customer experience.

In her free time Maggie enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter in the great outdoors and volunteering at her church’s nursery. She is also an avid dessert lover who loves to explore different dessert shops and restaurants in search of the most decadent and delicious desserts.