Maribeth Kraus

I am Maribeth Kraus, MA, ACC, a former business executive, an accredited coach and the founder of MB Kraus Solutions, LLC, which I created after a successful career of more than 25 years as part of the senior leadership teams at the Modern Language Association and the Society of Nuclear Medicine.   As the Director of Convention Programs, my career evolved beyond strategic convention planning to taking a pro-active role in creating and building strong individuals and teams leading to successful and productive professional staff and profitable results. I worked with internal departments and external entities to resolve challenges and expedite projects which resulted in positive and effective interaction within the organization and the development of products and services for a diverse population. 


I help women who feel they are stuck in place when it comes to their careers or businesses to overcome what is holding them back.  As a result, my clients get to know themselves better and can more easily breakthrough their often "self-imposed" barriers to find that the possibilities in their careers and businesses are truly limitless when they have the right tools.  My clients can choose from various services, such as individual coaching, workshops and Mastermind circles to re-fire their careers, businesses and life.


I hold a BA degree from Queens College, City University of New York, an MA in Social and Organizational Behavior from George Washington University, Washington, DC, and professional certifications in Coaching and Career Planning and Development from New York University. I also hold the Associate Certified Coach (ACC) accreditation earned from the International Coach Federation, the "gold standard" in the coaching profession.  I am the past-president of ICF-Long Island (formerly known as the Long Island Coaching Alliance) and an associate of Career Thought Leaders.