Megan Kennedy

Megan Kennedy is a cultural change agent for corporate inclusion known for her ability to cultivate and leverage authentic interactions to create opportunities for customers, employees and business partners. Currently leading the oversight of Charter’s 5 Business Resource Groups, she works as a consultant between the groups’ Executive Sponsors, Co-chairs and cross-functional business leaders to develop and implement programs that create value for both their members and the business. Prior to joining the D&I Team, Megan was the Accessibility Manager in the Product & Strategy Organization where she produced products and experiences that could be used and enjoyed by all customers. A forward-thinking, solutions-driven leader with 10+ years of progressive professional experience, Megan began her career in architecture where she learned how to channel her creativity through human-centered design approaches to solve for her clients’ most complex challenges. In that time, she also founded and grew a nonprofit organization for people with disabilities that later combined with the Usher Syndrome Coalition, for which she served on the board for 5 years. Her work has been highlighted in a variety of publications, including Good Housekeeping, Cosmopolitan and Alive Magazine. She has been invited to sit on panels for reputable organizations such as Charter Communications, Disability:In and Denver StartUp Week, and has served as a disability-advocacy speaker for several local entities, from educational to corporate settings. Her passions in art, universal design, wellbeing, and technology drive her to explore their intersectionality and to contribute new perspectives in her ever-evolving career and diversity & inclusion practice.