Meredith H. Garwood, CPA

Meredith Garwood is Group Vice President of Strategic Tax for Charter Communications. She leads Charter’s federal and state tax policy for income, property and transaction taxes. She also leads the Company’s tax controversy and property tax groups. Meredith represents the company in national state tax organizations and projects. She has been proactively involved in numerous tax policy initiatives including state tax reform efforts and federal tax reform.

Meredith currently serves on the Board of University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Business School, is Treasurer for North Carolina Cable and Telecommunication Association, Treasurer for Boundless Impact and a member of Caltax Executive Committee. She is Past President of the Business Advisory Council to the Streamlined Sales Tax Governing Board and former Vice President of Women in Cable and Telecommunications-Carolinas, and Board of the Council of State Taxation. Meredith is a frequent speaker at various tax and industry forums.

Meredith has over 25 years of tax experience in all areas of tax including income, property, and transaction taxes. Prior to joining Charter, Meredith was Group Vice President for Time Warner Cable and Senior Director of Tax with AT&T Wireless.

Meredith worked with a leading public accounting firm for over eight years where her practice focused on various aspects of corporate tax. She graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a BS in Business Administration and a Master of Accounting with a concentration in Taxation. Meredith and her husband, John, live in Charlotte. They have two children, Johnathon and Anna.