Mindy Schwartz

Mindy Schwartz serves as Vice President and Deputy General Counsel of Comcast Cable. Within the cable law department she manages the Technology and Licensing team, a group of 8 attorneys and other professionals specializing in non-patent intellectual property, particularly focused on transactions that involve the creation, use or licensing of technology, data or trademarks.

Her team provides day-to-day counseling to the syndication, strategic business development, and technology and product business units, among other groups at Comcast. They also support the creation of the domestic and international trademark and domain name portfolios and related enforcement efforts.  Her team has been responsible for highly publicized deals with Amazon Prime and Netflix as well as the foundational agreements for Comcast’s X1 voice remote.

Since joining Comcast in 2006, Mindy has taken a lead role in advising a variety of Comcast’s technology-focused joint ventures and has spent a significant portion of her time advising Comcast on various aspects of open source software, including use, licensing, compliance and contributions.

Mindy received a law degree from the University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) and started her legal career at large law firms in Philadelphia. After spending nine years in private practice she took the position of Senior Counsel at Comcast, becoming the third attorney in a group dedicated to technology licensing.  During her 13 years at Comcast she has been promoted to Associate General Counsel and then to her current role of Vice President and Deputy General Counsel.