Nikki Heise

Nikki believes that our work environments should be places where we are engaged and excited to show up and contribute. She knows that great leaders can help transform our workplaces into those environments.  She is passionate about helping clients become the leaders they are meant to be, leaders that influence the way people show up to work and build teams excited to be there.   


With over 17 years working in Information Technology, she understands the challenges of the workplace, what it feels like to be overlooked, what it feels like to want more.  She moved past those challenges in her own career and can help clients do that as well.  A gifted listener, Nikki helps clients fully understand what is getting in the way of being the leader they want to be or having the team they want to have and take action to move past those blocks.


What clients say:  "…regardless of the issue, the frustration, the anxiety, after a coaching session with Nikki, you can be assured you will have clarity, greater understanding and renewed purpose.  She listens with great acuity. She asks questions that surprise and challenge and she gets you quickly to a productive mental shift and a move to action."


Nikki Heise has always been interested in how people interact with one another, how thoughts, dreams, and goals are developed, and what generally drives people to do what they do.  This lead her to earn a B.A. in psychology from UGA.  Needing a "real job" she then went on to earn an MBA, with a concentration in IS, from Georgia State.  While at Georgia State she also began her IT career, which is now going on 18 years.   As a leader, she has always searched for better ways to lead and connect with her teams.   Earning her certification as a professional coach, she developed additional tools and techniques to grow other leaders and ultimately formed Ridgeline Coaching.


As a long time mentor and volunteer with Women in Cable and Telecommunications (WICT), Nikki has helped many women move past obstacles to find more satisfaction in their jobs.  She serves as the campus liaison between Women in Technology (WIT) and Georgia State and is passionate about helping women find their place in technology roles.  Nikki is one of the founding members of Choice or Consequences, a group committed to helping people make powerful and purposeful choices for their careers through workshops and one on one coaching.  Learn more about Nikki at or contact her directly at